UI/UX Design

With BlueBell, create a user-centered, engaging, and sophisticated UI/UX design for more business involvement.

Your business objectives are carefully balanced with technology, communication, and aesthetics at BlueBell, a top UI/UX design firm in Bangalore, India, to give you powerful and quick-loading websites for an exceptional online experience.

BlueBell excels at developing complicated custom websites in a creative and high-performance manner because of our experience.

Performance-driven agile UI/UX design services

In order to give your consumers a high-quality experience and a better user experience across devices, BlueBell, a web design firm, focuses on developing a hyper-personalized experience by giving you a distinctive fluid, responsive, and interactive web design. The custom UI/UX designs are made to provide you an advantage over rivals; a good UI contributes to a lower bounce rate, a faster loading time, simple navigation, and a distinguishing feature that will persuade visitors to become customers.

We go above and above to comprehend your company’s aims and objectives and perform a complete study of your needs and rivals through a pre-development survey in order to give you a website that is focused on delivering results. By using this procedure, we can create a design concept that will satisfy both your requirements and your marketing objectives.

Why customized UI/UX design service?

UI/UX strategy & consulting

To brainstorm, plan, and create the ideal design for your business goals and objectives, our design thinking experts will get in touch with you.

SEO-friendly designs

Each website is created in accordance with the guidelines for search engine optimisation to assist you in connecting with the right audience and giving them a satisfying experience while on your website.

Sitemap & wireframing

An overview of your website’s information architecture and navigational structure is provided by a wireframe, which is generated. You will be given sitemaps that show the website’s navigational flow so that you can get a sense of how the website works.

Responsive design

Get a smooth experience on all screen sizes, including larger TV displays, computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones; the websites are responsive and offer simple accessibility for your audience.

JS/MVC framework-based design

We work with you to develop the website using your favourite framework while taking the architectural pattern and JS/MVC components into consideration.

Static design

We create easy-to-use websites that typically don’t need databases. Static UI/UX Design services are available for start-ups, AMP sites, fast landing sites, and small enterprises.

Backend application design

With dynamic websites that make it simple to alter the information, graphics, and other features on the website without prior technical knowledge, backend operations require a great and user-friendly interface.

Cross-browser compatibility

We make technical, graphical, and aesthetic improvements to the website to give your clients, whether they use a mobile device or a larger screen, a uniform browsing experience across browsers.

Usability testing

We thoroughly test and evaluate a range of scenarios and users, address errors, and provide websites that work together. To create a website user-friendly, extensive and organized testing is done.

eCommerce web application design

In order to offer your online store a fresh new look, utilize custom UI/UX design services for e-commerce websites. Templates don’t work for all sorts of businesses. Instead, provide a customized user experience according to your brand values and type of eCommerce.

Right placement of CTA

Call-to-action buttons must be strategically placed on landing pages and lead-generation service sites in order to increase lead generation and revenues. Doing so will increase visitor conversion rates and click-through rates.

Website revamp

To stay current with industry trends and give your customers a coherent, cogent, and distinctive digital experience, optimize your site’s technology approach and content.

Key differentiator

In order to attract customers from all around the world, BlueBell, a reputable web design firm, creates websites that are appealing to visitors. As a web design company with the motto “Imagination meets Implementation,” we work with a variety of businesses to increase their identity and visibility through our responsive web designs that are developed specifically for each client. According to Team BlueBell, their websites have an incredibly cogent user interface and are user-friendly, faster to load, and highly compatible. Some of our distinctive characteristics are as follows:

Customer-centric websites

In order to increase customer engagement and income creation, our designers make sure that UI/UX and websites are developed based on customers’ needs, wants, and behaviour.

On-Demand website update

We offer on-demand website updates because we recognize how crucial it is to maintain your website and UI/UX up to date with the most recent technical developments and how doing so will help you stay competitive.

SEO optimised websites

To ensure that their websites rank well in search results and receive the most traffic possible, BlueBell designs all of their websites using SEO best practises.

Responsive & fluid designs

With a responsive design that reaches all customers regardless of the device being used, you can reach more audiences and receive high engagement and conversion rates.

Robust informational architecture

With a bespoke website design layout and headlines that are relevant, the website has a clear UI/UX, and intelligible, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly content.

Customized competitive designs

To make sure that website designs are current and capable of giving you a major competitive edge, extensive competition, and market study is performed.

Collaborative research and consultation

Making the most recent web applications To ensure open and transparent communication, UI/UX design solutions from technology and business enhancement viewpoints were developed.

Highly secure and scalable applications

Develop your web apps with security and scalability as their main considerations so that you can react quickly and effortlessly to your customers’ needs.

How we work

Information gathering & analysis

To satisfy the client’s expectations, business objectives, and goals, thorough information is gathered and in-depth analysis is done on the qualitative, descriptive, and technical components of the web designs.


To strategically portray and express the information architecture and navigational flow of the website’s UI/UX, a wireframe and sitemap are built.

UI/UX & Website Designing

The most up-to-date UI tools and technologies are used to design websites with captivating and distinctive graphics that cater to company needs.

Usability testing & hosting

To verify the website’s functionality in the real world, a thorough series of usability tests are carried out. The website launches after finalization in order to increase conversions for your company.

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UI/UX design services at a glance!

User research

User research serves as the foundation for effective and environmentally sustainable design solutions. In order to do user research, we evaluate market trends, client feedback, and the business of your organisation needs.

  • Developing user scenarios
  • Heat Maps
  • AB Testing
  • Analyze Data

User interface design

In order to access, draw in, engage, and retain consumers, UI design services work to create visually appealing, brand-enhancing digital user interfaces. BlueBell offers UI solutions that are successfully in line with your company objectives, reach out to your audience, and reflect customer values.

  • Keeping UI consistent and strategic
  • Establish color palette and typography guidelines
  • Minimalistic design which looks good on all devices
  • Intuitive, consistent, and creative which retains your brand identity

User experience design

For the users, our skilled developers create intuitive, educational, and visually appealing digital experiences. To accomplish the business objectives, we use the best processes and practices.

  • Cross-platform ad browser compatibility
  • SEO-friendly light-weight code for seamless navigation
  • User-centric design with smooth navigational flow
  • Attractive and intuitive design to provide a remarkable user experience

Website redesigning

Redesigning a website helps assure lengthier visitor visits, a lower bounce rate, and higher conversion rates. Website redesign services help with this. BlueBell manages every stage of a website makeover, including content migration, UI/UX wireframing and design, and optimisation of loading times.

  • Analysis of current performance
  • Categorize high-performing and low-performing pages
  • Strategizing website redesigning goals
  • Introduce new features and optimize existing ones

Responsive web & web application design

Responsive web design adapts to user behavior in relation to the surroundings based on the platform, screen size, and orientation. Devices instantly adjust to display with responsive design and easy navigation. By utilizing the mobile-first strategy, BlueBell transforms the capabilities of your web solution into an intuitive, seamless, and highly converting digital experience.

  • Fluid performance and SEO-friendly designs
  • Consistent visual experience with lower bounce rates
  • Flexible grids, layouts, images, and media queries to adjust content on your website
  • Enhance visitor session time, user engagement rate and conversions with wider outreach